How it works

Mediation gives both parties the opportunity to resolve the issue without the need for courts, and potentially heavy costs in both time and expenses.  In mediation, each side is given the opportunity to see the opposing position and consideration of settlement proposals that may otherwise not have been transparent.  Mediation allows the parties involved to have control over the outcome. When disputes are resolved in a court of law, the court system is responsible for the final outcome.  In some cases, this is not in favor of either party involved in the dispute.

McCalla Unlimited is committed to serving those who may need mediation services without bias.  If you would like to discuss how mediation can help you, please click on the link below to send us a message!

What is Civil Mediation?

Mediation is a process to resolve a dispute between two parties in which a neutral mediator assists both sides in reaching a mutually agreeable solution. Civil mediation can be used for issues such as landlord/tenant disputes, non workplace disputes, hospital/doctor/quality of care issues, business disagreements, contract disputes, personal injury, and discrimination issues.

The Legal Mess

Who has time for this? Well, we do which is the reason why you need our services. We mediate the legal side of the music industries.